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This Week From A Different Perspective

We have a little different version of Swoop Scoop this week. First off, we want to send our positive thoughts to all affected by the current situation going on. We're coming to you on a Sunday to try and brighten up your upcoming week a bit with our three main focuses during a time most of us are living the work from home life.

We understand that this switch for most might be a little tough and it is super common to feel pressure to make the most of your time. If you want to take this time to clear your to do list then we support that 100% but don't forget to focus on your health and wellness.

rustic white windowsill with flower pots and tea kettle looking into field
This Week From A Different Perspective

Here are our three main focuses this week which will help you find a little balance:

1. Shop Local and Advanced. A lot of businesses are closing down and putting themselves on hold so that the world can work on healing. In order to show our appreciation to small businesses everywhere we are committed to exercising supportive practices such as shopping locally instead of big label and considering shopping in advance throughout purchases of gift cards. We may feel helpless at times like these and feel as though there is no way we can keep things moving for businesses if we're not physically able to be somewhere. These options give us a way to show our support throughout purchases we probably would have made in the future anyways and hopefully brighten a business owners day. Let us know what businesses you're showing appreciation for during this time!

2. Exercise Your Mind. Staying at home can sometimes feel a little lonely or dull at times which is why we encourage you to focus on your passions if possible and keep your spirits up. When you feel like you may need to get back in touch with yourself, get back into a hobby you love and take a break from technology. You'll notice a difference in your spirits once you take a little moment to focus on what makes you happy!

3. Focus on Your Personal Healing. Whatever you're feeling during this time it's important to always check in with yourself and see what you need. Although we may not physically be able to all be together, conversations need to continue, with your peers and with yourself. Take a couple minutes every day to make sure your wellness is still the number one priority. We love a good "me day" but encourage our readers to take a "me hour" every day and make sure we're not holding off on prioritizing our well being for only one day. Positive mental health practices make for a healthier, happier life!

Sending love to all,

Swoop Marketing

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