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Here's How to Tackle Another Social Media Platform Update

Well, hello Monday!

Are you ready to get ahead of the social game and kill it this week? We know how tiresome and confusing the ever changing game of social media can be, especially when our main platforms are continuously updating and refreshing their features. Are you prepared for the next refresh or are you still catching up with the latest update? Not to worry, Swoop Marketing has your refresh routine down to a science. Stick with us and stay up to date on all things Marketing by joining our subscribers list!

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Follow Industry Blogs and Social Accounts

Since we are trying to keep up with the high-speed of social media, why wouldn't we check our feeds first when it comes to getting the latest news on all things digital media? Some of our earliest looks at new social features come from our favourite online industry sources. Before the updates may hit your phone, other users might get lucky to experience some features early as a test by the app itself. Keep your eyes on social and jump on any chance to view some new additions to your social game!

Review Press Releases and Patch Notes

So, you've been waiting for weeks to finally try the new social features that have been flowing through your news feed (us Canadians can all recall the implementation of Instagram's Story Music Feature...). Now the day has come and there is an update available on the App store... YAY! Most of us get way too excited about this and will update then jump into the app to explore. While this is totally understandable, don't pass up on the patch notes and press releases that come from the app developers themselves. Get a more technical look at new features or even an explanation as to why your app keeps crashing!

Play Around and Have Some Fun!

Now that you're all up to date on the new, it's time to experience it all for yourself. Tips and overviews are a great way to get yourself knowledgeable on what to expect your first time opening after an update but running through the features yourself will truly be your classroom. You've done your homework now it's time to have some fun!

We're loving the new updates from Instagram with Animated Text on Stories and can't get enough of Canva's new Wrapped Text Design Feature.

What are some of your new favourite social features?

Let us know!

Swoop Marketing

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