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Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist 

An exceptional marketing professional who, in her more than 20 years in the industry, has had the opportunity to work both in the agency world and client-side, as well as in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. This gives her a unique perspective and insight into her clients’ businesses and marketing agency's success.

Jennifer has had a successful history of leading formative marketing efforts, direct reports and cross-functional teams. She has a proven flight history in all areas of marketing, including customer acquisition, CRM and customer loyalty.

How does she do it? Right from the start, she dives in and gets a deep understanding of the business. After completing a full diagnostic, she can focus in on key areas, create strategies and plans, and provide a unique flight plan designed just for that business.


As your crew leader at Swoop Marketing, Jennifer can:

  • Work independently, managing your flight plan for absolute optimal results

  • Work collaboratively with both your senior management and your junior staff to provide marketing direction and implementation, and help you stay on the flight path

  • Offer innovative and cutting edge marketing services to companies across the Greater Toronto Area


Led by Jennifer, our multifaceted team of industry experts have only one goal in mind: to help you create and execute the flight plan that will send you soaring into the sky. Together, we will create, inspire, reach and fly to new places, fueled by solid strategy, experience and passion.



Committed to working together with business owners and managers to provide fresh, forward thinking, Swoop Marketing takes a two-pronged approach to develop a flight plan that will help your business soar.


Through the creation of customized flight plan modules, and putting the right crew in place, we will ensure that all of your marketing efforts – both B2B or B2C – are integrated and working together for a smooth journey.

As part of our unique approach, we are committed to providing you with a complete overview and diagnostic of your marketing needs. This bird’s eye view will give us a good sense of your business, where we can then focus in and set our sights on specific goals.

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