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Email Marketing to Your Market

Swoop is here to get your email marketing game a glo-up!

Though, social media marketing takes the focus of many marketing agencies these days, we don't dare forget about the power of email marketing and how far it has come. Connecting with your audience on a personal subscription level is a different way of communication which promotes a more direct, personal experience. In turn, we have seen sales and engagement skyrocket with targeted, beautifully designed campaigns. Ready to start your email marketing training? Let's get to it!

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Rule #1: Privacy is Essential

First things first we need to make sure you're covered when it comes to privacy laws. Not only are you following the main rules when it comes to email marketing, you're protecting your Brand's reputation. No one likes spam and you don't want to get known for flooding mailboxes so be mindful when it comes to building out your campaigns. Remember, this is a direct message to your community so privacy and respect goes a long way!

Rule #2: Customize Your Design

Your Brand's vision needs to be absolutely clear when building out your campaign design. Start with ideation of the message you want to get across, what you want your Brand to be known for and how you can positively communicate with your community on a personal level. You want your subscribers to immediately recognize your Brand when your campaign email hits an inbox. Customize your name, subject line and entire design to match your Brand's look and feel.

Rule #3: Call to Action Call Outs

So you killed it with the targeting, privacy checks and customization but want to ensure you are getting some return on your hard work. Don't just push out content, set your Brand soaring with a solid call to action. Be clear and direct when it comes to positioning your CTA's. Design wise, buttons are a call out that catches the eye but also has many backend options to direct your user to the right spot. Set up a email template to get in touch with a click or send the users direct to your website or landing page! Now watch the multi-step experience play out with backend analytics to see how you're benefiting with each click!

Have a wonderful week,

Swoop Marketing

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