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The Top 3 Ways To Solve Your Creative Block

Happy Friday #SWOOPScoop Subscribers!

We are all feeling it... counting down the hours until the work day is over so we can truly enjoy that summer sun. That is all fine and dandy, heck get out there and soak up that sun, but we do have to bring up an important subject.

Is staring at the clock promoting your creative block?

Sad to say, but it might be. That's why we're here to help you solve your creative block so you don't have to feel guilty about soaking up the sun this weekend. Let's get creativity back in your day and enhance the productivity of your projects!

1. Seek out inspiration. One of the greatest parts of being fully immersed in the marketing industry is the culture and mindset that comes with it. As a marketing agency, we keep our eyes out for inspiration everywhere! Stuck on a new projects layout? Head over to your corner store and stock up on magazines to see how the pros do it. A little shift here, a touch up there and before you know it your project is done and fabulous!

2. Focus groups don't need to be so focused. We get it. We're here to talk about productivity and we're telling you to be less focused? Who are we?! Seriously though, you'll want to try out this tip. Focus groups are hardly the cold meeting rooms we all know well. The 2019 version of focus groups can happen over a glass of wine and a mood lit dinner. Grab a group of friends and bring up some ideas and current projects you may be unsure about. You would be surprised that the opinions coming from your more numbers focused friends might be the breakthrough you were looking for in your design!

3. A little goes a long way. Avoid procrastination at all costs! The best projects come from trial and error which are best done little by little and with a lot of thought. Give yourself time to try out different approaches and techniques before committing to a design. Your future self will thank you when looking back at your masterpiece.

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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