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The Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest lovers rejoice! Those hours we spend scrolling and pinning are totally benefiting your life day-to-day. We're not kidding, the power of Pinterest is seriously strong yet subtle and we're all about it.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and keeping warm during this Toronto storm which is why we wanted to give you some solid reading content for your snowed in Saturday afternoon.

At Swoop, we understand the importance of social media for your Brand Image but also for your personal growth. Although, social media can become a little too much at times, we also know how to appreciate these applications as they are amazing tools for so many aspects of our lives.

See how we're using the Power of Pinterest!

1. Inspiration.

Whether you're in the market to redesign your home and need a little peak into what your vision could be or just need a little inspiration for your next blog post, Pinterest is your one stop shop to get your creative mind going. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest gives you the chance to expand your view past your following list. Find what interests you with keywords and boards curated to exactly what you want to see!

2. A Collection From You.

Ever hear your friends talk about loving platforms such as Facebook for their personal photo storage? We love the fact that social media creates a personal cloud for all of our posts over the years which is why we often look back at older boards we've created on Pinterest to get a good sense of our mind during those times. See what inspired you to start a certain project or just see the evolution of your style tastes whenever you need a good look at the past. Your boards and pins are a collection from you and OF you! Embrace all that Pinterest has to offer.

3. Interact With Aesthetics.

Pinterest is killing it in terms of aesthetics and the interaction around them. As we mentioned before, keywords and boards are a perfect way to get your feed looking like a personal dream. How is Pinterest changing the game with new features around aesthetic? The Visual Search Tool allows users to select a specific area of a photo within a pin and explore a variety of posts that match it. No matter what you're looking for, use this tool to make sure you're getting the results and options you need. We are guaranteed this will be a huge tool for your next project inspiration!

Why are you loving Pinterest right now? Let us know!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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