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The At Home Productivity Playlist

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

We hope everyone is actively keeping their spirits up during this tough time. We want to do what we can to brighten up your day which is why this week's Swoop Scoop is targeted at bringing some bliss to your ears and overall mood. It's time to get productive with Swoop's recommended at home playlists for the week featuring our friends at Spotify.

woman with headphones looking out window

1. Meditation. This is not a new trend and definitely not a new recommendation from Swoop. The power of meditation is getting more and more noticed during this time of uncertainty and isolation. The importance of taking care of your mind and well-being should be your main priority over these stressful weeks and honestly, just all the time! Taking 10-15 minutes out of your day to be silent and set your intentions has been proven to improve mood, overall health and even has been said to boost your immune system. Take a look at this curated meditation playlist from Spotify and breathe in deep.

2. Your Favorite Coffee House. Now that it is more of a common practice to be working from home, we wanted to bring the warmth of your favorite coffee shop to keep you motivated during the work week. Indie hits, soft jazz and singer/song writers all make an appearance on this track list which gives the soothing, homey feeling we're all craving right about now. Tune in to Your Favorite Coffee House and pour yourself a cup of goodness!

3. Hot Hits Canada. We are always here for small businesses and that doesn't leave out up and coming artists. Hot Hits Canada is your chance to find new talent each week within the country as well as the hottest tracks out there right now. As more and more people are jumping into their hobbies and passions while being at home, we're guaranteed to find some hits in here! You'll finally get the chance to be that friend that knew the artist before they were famous. Enjoy!

Sending positive vibes and thoughts to all,

Swoop Marketing

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