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Rest, Recharge and Hit the Ground Running

How you can make the most of the short week following labour day weekend!

Stay productive and focused with our top tips on organization and keeping a positive mindset.

man working from home with golden retriever

  1. Pin something to look forward to. Although, jumping back into the work week after a holiday weekend may feel daunting, give yourself something to look forward to! One of our favourite social platforms, Pinterest, is an awesome way to motivate yourself. Set your meal plan or fitness routine for the week with the click of a button. Not a foodie/fitness guru? No problem! Create an interior space mood board to plan out new organization of your work space or home. Set your mind to it and get it done with the help of your pins!

  2. Affirm and focus. Meditation is an extremely helpful tool in setting a mindset that will be nothing but beneficial to you! We love quick podcast meditations that give us that push we need when we may not have the most time. Whether you’re feeling stressed out or just not that into work lately, reset your mind and find your affirmations for a truly stellar week ahead!

  3. Scroll and connect. After a long weekend, there’s no question that most of us will be curling into bed and scrolling through social tonight. Why not make mindless scrolling an opportunity to reach out and get connected?! When Instagram is busy there are so many chances to instantly connect with new accounts. Whether that be a follow-for-follow or DM connection, you never know where your next zoom call will come from but it could definitely be a new lead or connecting from your social scroll!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

Swoop Marketing

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