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New Year, New Swoop

Welcome to the relaunch of our new Swoop Marketing & Communications Website!

As we enter into our 6th year of business I felt it was time to give Swoop Marketing a nice brand new facelift.

So, what did you think?

We often become complacent with our own business look and feel as in;

a) it’s been working perfectly fine right?


b) let’s call a spade a spade Client work ALWAYS comes first. What I do find though is while our Clients are top priority – we can't let our own brand make its way far into the "forgotten logo abyss". I've decided to take time to honor my own business and celebrate with a crisp, clean look.

After months of planning and countless ideas we are delighted to launch our new brand look for Swoop Marketing & Communications. The purpose of creating a new website was really to find a way to share our story, the way we want you to hear it. The imagery and content we chose to showcase our brand is a new wave of inspiration and thoughtful strategy planning for a fresh 2019.

As part of our support to helping small business’ grow we will be profiling across all of our channels a “Swoop Small Business Spotlight”. Like raising our children, inspiring and promoting each other within the small business community takes us all and the one thing I’ve learned is helping others grow and flourish feels pretty amazing.

So join us! We would love for you to take a quick tour of our website, join our Swoop Scoop blogging network to keep up to date on new marketing content and social media goodness, bookmark our website and look forward to our monthly posts throughout connecting with us on social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). We have lots to talk about!

Cheers to a successful 2019!



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4 comentarios

Excellent! Looking forward to partnering with Swoop on more projects!

Me gusta

Love the new look. Very professional and elegant. Congratulations on six years. Very impressive.

Me gusta

I’m so impressed! Congrats on 6 years , time does fly by and I am so thrilled you are continuing to flourish. Love this new look 😃

Me gusta

This is amazing. “ taking the time to honour my own business “. Love it! New look, new design....2019 is your year!

Me gusta
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