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Managing Your Marketing

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Managing Your Marketing Doesn't Have to be a Struggle.

Here Are 4 #SWOOPScoop Approved Marketing Management Apps to Keep your Head in the Game.

1. Planoly - Ever have that devastating feeling of your newest post being a hue too dark on your feed? (First World Problems, yes we know.) Well look no further! Planoly is an application devised to assist in your pre-scheduled posting panics. Upload as if you are ready to go with your next 15 posts and make sure your feed is going to be on point. they also have an awesome feature that let you schedule and post directly from the app! Hello, stress free social!

2. Dash Hudson - Whether you're here for their aesthetically pleasing blog and social, or here for the real heart of the company, you're bound to be impressed by the long list of management options and tips to keep it real with your marketing management. They've become HUGE in the influencer management game and are continuously going deeper in the industry to perfect their "finely wrapped skills".

3. VSCO - When it comes to editing and keeping up with aesthetic trends there is no other app that can beat VSCO. Not saying the app is fully comparable to the quality of the professional Adobe Suite but it comes pretty darn close with style. VSCO's main benefit in our opinion is the option to copy edits which will push you towards that perfectly fluid theme all from your phone!

4. Headspace - Here at SWOOP we are a BIG believer in success being attributed to a healthy mental state. Take a break from the stress tech and actually relax your mind with this app. Headspace has multiple options for meditation and personal reflection which can lead to a more sound sleep, focused mind and clarity within your, what are you waiting for?


Swoop Marketing & Communications

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