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Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

This week we’re touching on a super important topic - Instagram! Forget about the selfies and get into creating content for profit. We have compiled a list of the three main focuses that will get you to that next level when it comes to the gram!

1. Hashtags. Yes we are guilty of hoarding lists of hashtags in our notes but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the ways of reusing. Hashtags are an awesome way to explore how far your posts can go! Breaking into new markets is possible with demographically targeted tags especially when you research, switch it up and compare your results.

2. Another form of tagging we absolutely cannot live without is Geotagging. Simply by tagging your location you become visible to anyone looking to visit, invest or research your area! An awesome benefit of this tool can be seen when tagging your Instagram stories. Getting featured on a location story is an instant push to new markets and all it takes is a tag and some killer content.

3. A designers dream is an aesthetically pleasing theme,especially when it comes to social media. You’ve probably heard it a million times from us but the key to success is consistent content that truly represents your brand. Think of your Instagram feed as a first impression, satisfied? It’s time to polish up that colour palette and get to posting!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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