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Your Much Needed Kick-Back Reading List

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

We hope everyone is staying healthy and positive during this time! With another week gone by, and things starting to look up, we want to give you a weekend to take a breath and relax before getting into the swing of things once again.

We hope you enjoy Swoop's top reads for the upcoming weekend of restoring your mind, body and soul!

Zen Bender: A Decade-Long Enthusiastic Quest to Fix Everything (That Was Never Broken)

It's totally okay and normal to feel overwhelmed at this time. As we try and focus on the positive out of this crazy situation it is also okay to give ourselves a break to check in with our mental health. It's time to get away from those stressful situations with witty, yet very honest, words from Stephanie Krikorian as we follow her on her journey of building self esteem, forgiving herself and accepting that it is truly  okay to not have it all figured out.

Need an escape? Though we may be limited on actually experiencing the dreamy atmosphere of the South of France firsthand, Nina George's love letter of a novel gives everyone that much needed staycation with relatable and loveable characters that accompany you on your adventure to France. Drop the serious talk for a while and jump into The Little Paris Bookshop! A little light read we most definitely need.

Since everyone has been diving into the art of cooking over these last couple of months we thought it was only fair to honor one of the latest raved about cookbooks, Antoni in The Kitchen! You know him from the hit feel-good show, Queer Eye, but did you know that this Montréal native paired up with legendary Ted Allen to create this masterpiece of recipes? Don't be intimidated. There are a wide range of recipes for every level and just as you see on TV, Antoni's words will most definitely get you through any kitchen mishap!

Wishing everyone well,

Swoop Marketing

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