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How to Market Your Brand Through Blogs, Newsletters and Email Marketing

This week on Swoop Scoop we're focusing on marketing your Brand through Blogs, Newsletters and Email Marketing. Think these go hand-in-hand? Well in a way, you're right. All of these advertising avenues put together can be a fantastic strategy in building brand awareness and increasing your reach. What you may not know, is that each of these marketing tools have their own strengths that are made to soar even on their own. We'll break it down for you.

Blogs: How can you increase relationships with your community? Try showing your personal side throughout a blog, much like Swoop Scoop, that showcases your voice and tone while staying true to your Brand. Here you can touch on many different topics and give your viewpoint which will allow your users to know you better with each post. A great tool with Blogs is to set up notifications for your subscribers so that they never miss a post! Remember to stay consistent and push out content of quality, not just "posting to post".

Newsletters: Already have a strong following who is passionate about your Brand? First off, congratulations because that's amazing!! Secondly, let's capitalize on those already present relationships and keep your following interested and continuously engaged. Newsletters are the PERFECT tool to do this. Set up a monthly newsletter, yes even only once a month is enough, to give updates and upcoming news about your Brand. Try not to be spammy with these by merging content into one full newsletter instead of small snippets throughout many email pushes.

Email Marketing: If you're looking to promote your services or increase traffic to a certain section of your site, a solid email marketing plan will get you there. Email Marketing is more of a strategic approach to a combination of the Newsletter and Blog. Plan out an initial reach out, follow up and conversation starter so you're ready to connect with your users at all stages. Again, we want to avoid being spammy so be aware of your unsubscribers, open rate and reports through tools such as or Mailchimp analytics.

Our main top tip with Blogs, Newsletters and Email Marketing: Protect your Brand by following marketing guidelines and laws. Always make sure that you have consent from all users prior to pushing out the above so you can soar with no worry.

Do you use Blogs, Newsletters or Email Marketing to help your Brand soar?

Let us know!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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