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Your Holiday Goal Setting Guide

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

We hope everyone had a happy, healthy and productive week! I think we can confidently say that this winter weather is really making us feel those holiday vibes a little early! We're in the goal setting mood already and are not keen on waiting until the New Year to put our plans to action. Start your goal setting this holiday season with our top three tips to keep your hustle moving!

1. Create a vision board. Here's where the fun comes in to goal setting! Vision boards are not much different than sitting on your bedroom floor as a teenager with magazine spread from wall to wall. Get comfortable, grab your mags and start cutting and pasting. Vision boards are the perfect opportunity to create something that describes your ideal life in a creative (and fun!) way. You can use your vision board as a constant reminder of the direction you're heading in with images that will keep you from becoming too over pressured by your future thoughts!

2. Write a letter to yourself. A strong plan comes from being aware of where you were, where you stand and where you want to be going. Take a minute to reflect on the last twelve months and really get your headspace in shape with happy reminders and lessons learned. We are a BIG fan of self-awareness and encourage everyone to get in touch with themselves over the holidays so that you can start the New Year off with a clear head!

3. Be present. A big part of setting goals for the New Year is making sure that you have a solid support system around you. What better way to get together with your supportive bunch than the holiday season?! Be present with friends and family this season and make sure you're all recharged for the New Year. You'll need it with all of those future plans!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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