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Your Branding Done Right

Let's send your new Brand soaring into success with the only Branding checklist you'll need! Swoop Marketing is here to bring you the top focuses to check off when creating your Brand from scratch.

Still feel a little overwhelmed or not entirely sure where to start?

That's what we're here for!

Contact Swoop today and get your personalized marketing plan curated specifically to what you and your Brand needs.

Now let's get started...

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  1. The first step in creating a Brand is the ideation and inspiration for the initial idea. Although you may already have a solid understanding of who and what your Brand is, it's super important to ensure all your materials are speaking that same language. You'll want to start your process off with an all-encompassing Brand Board. This should include your logo, colour palette, typography and icons/images of inspiration.

  2. Let's get you launched! Now that you have your Brand identity down it's time to get your online home setup for success. A website plays a huge part in Brand Awareness as well as streamlining the selling of services and increasing communication with your users. Similar to how we focused on the cohesive design elements in your Brand board, you want to ensure that your website is completely on-brand. Set your colour palettes, branded typography and image inspirations at the top of your list when you start the design process.

  3. Create your community through online forums and social media channels. Now it's time to promote what you've worked so hard on. Your online presence is going to go far past selling services. This is your first jump into creating a supportive community online. These people are the ones that are going to want to see you succeed so make sure that you're providing value to their feeds as well. Keep that focus on cohesive branding but don't miss out on the opportunity to connect throughout personal social features to build stronger relationships online.

Did we miss anything? What are your main focuses when creating a Brand from scratch?

Let us know!

Swoop Marketing

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