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Ways to Expand Your Creative Marketing Mind

Keeping up with trends and being on top of the marketing game is essential for any brand, but how do you do it? Easy! Wait... actually not that easy.

As we live in a world that changes at the click of a post button it becomes increasingly harder to stay in the loop with what exactly people want. Though this can be stressful for marketers like ourselves, it is also an opportunity to expand our horizons and get those creative juices flowing.

Here are 5 great tips for keeping up with creative trends:

  1. Physical Activity: No, we are not a health and wellness blog but we always believe success comes from a positive mental and physical state! Explore your workout options. Maybe a new yoga pose or barre move will inspire your next graphic, who knows!Waking Up Early: Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Nope! Waking up early and taking time to start your day and get your mind together is proven to put a positive note on the rest of your busy day. A routine decreases stress and increases productivity. Sign me up!

  2. Engage With Other Industries: Although our industry is FILLED with amazing creative minds it’s important to expand your learning and create relationships with multiple different industry individuals. Becoming knowledgeable across the board is not only exciting but opens you up to countless possibilities for new clients!

  3. Reading: Seems obvious, doesn’t it? We all know reading educates the brain but how about the soul? Looking to expand creatively and not feeling fulfilled by the “how to: marketing” books? Open yourself up to different genres and let your mind search for inspiration in whatever thriller or drama you decide to dive into. Plus, it’s fun!

  4. Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe: This isn’t a plug... okay maybe it is. Seriously though, subscribing to blogs like #SWOOPScoop and getting daily dose of information surrounding marketing and what’s working for others is positive reinforcement and inspiration to keep going to being marketing experts! We’ll see you next week!

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