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The Rules Of Pivoting

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

Another week of uncertain times has us wanting even more than ever to help businesses around us that may be struggling. On a quick turn, businesses around the world have had to change their entire strategy in order to conform to the current times. This is a really tough task on the best of days, but especially with the anxiety that is hanging around right now, we wanted to give our main tips on pivoting so that you can continue soaring with your Brand!

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1. The first rule we have in pivoting your business strategy is of course, assessing the current situation. There is very little we can do when we don't know the facts but when things seem a little uncertain, assess the tone of your peers and educate yourself so that you are ready to take each day by storm. There are really no guides on how to plan right now as things change every day but the one thing we can do is just make sure we are prepared to take on whatever comes next. Once you understand the tone of the multitude of situations going on, you'll be able to communicate with your clients and your following appropriately. Putting your Brand in a good place to handle new obstacles and opportunities.

2. Reflect. Our second step in tackling the unknown right now is to not only assess the tone of your peers and the current situation but reflect and be confident in the values and tone of your own Brand. You may want to mimic posts that you believe really showcase the current situation with a company you follow which is totally okay but what will matter more to those who are watching is to create something from the heart that really speaks to your Brand's values. Be true to yourself and your Brand during this time and see how meaningful this can be!

3. Regroup and tackle. Don't forget to take a breath during this time. It's scary, uncertain and just overall strange to handle but the best thing you can do is make sure you are fully ready to move forward and pivot. Put the priority on yourself and healing before tackling what's to come. Being confident and clear with your new strategy is what is going to keep you soaring.

For the things that may be a little tougher for you to tackle, contact Swoop to get advice from our marketing and strategy experts!

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and wishing you all health and safety during this time,

Swoop Marketing

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