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The Authentic Approach

Social Media puts on an amazing performance when it comes to what’s going well in everyone’s life. While this may seem like the perfect scenario for most Brands, we like to take the more authentic approach. Join us with these tips on how to stay real on the ‘gram!

1. The Comment Reply: we’ve all seen the mass amounts of the same comment go out to pretty much everyone. As we’ve touched on before with our piece on “The Comment Bots”, this is not always a bad thing. Bring some authenticity to your Brand name by taking advantage of these opportunities to show how you interact with your following. Even if these are just spam, trying to start a little convo is better than a ‘gram silence!

2. Direct Messaging: we appreciate all your messages, we really do, but with constant “friend” referrals in our DM’s we have to wonder what’s the best way to get past your bot and start talking to YOU! Keep it authentic by initiating your own conversation with anyone who drops in your Brand’s messages. Show you’re open to chat and are there for any of their questions to keep it real long term!

3. Spice Up Your Content: we are a strong believer in educating your following all about your Brand and we’re even a stronger believer in introducing yourself to your following. Mix in a couple pieces of content that give your followers a look into the life of a business owner or some behind the scenes of your Brand. Insider content is always a bonus!

How are you keeping it real this month? Let us know!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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