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Take Advantage of the Story

Boomerangs, Superzoom, Focus and Rewind! Have any idea what we’re talking about? You better.

Instagram and Facebook stories are not a new addition to the social game, but they are becoming extremely more relevant when it comes to digital marketing and advertising for Brands.

We’ve compiled a list of the top trends and power moves on the 24hr marketing tool which will keep you in the game and most importantly, screenshot worthy.

1. Pre-editing: who doesn’t love a little insta story filter over their post? Brands. That’s who. Turn to some of our more high quality photo editing apps before uploading and open up a million possibilities for your story graphic. The layout and templates for stories are eye candy enough! Why wouldn’t you want to make your graphic fluid enough to be posted on all platforms? Trust us on this.

2. The Tag & The Hashtag: What’s a location story you may ask? How about a hashtag follow? Making sure to categorize your stories is an important focus when trying to grow your following and get into markets that suit your style. Take advantage of this feature and connect with other accounts on the story!GIFS: our last tip is to just genuinely have fun with this feature!

3. GIFS were added in recently to bring that quirky flair into our stories and people are going crazy for it. Add in a cat with heart eyes, a “YAAAAS” or even just a dancing Ariana Grande and there you have it, an instant classic. (Ps. Don’t worry - these only stick around for 24hrs...unless you do become screenshot worthy...then that’s a whole other story)

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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