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SWOOP on the Flight Plan to Give Back

The month of love is not only for you and your significant other or a month full of self love. (aka this should be all year, hello!) No, this month SWOOP has decided to focus all of our love around giving back throughout new technology and our everyday marketing efforts.

Interested on how you can join us? It’s so simple! Check out these awesome websites and apps that focus on bettering the world around us and we’ll guarantee your month of love will come with a side of gratitude!

1. Ecosia - feel like your carbon footprint has taken over and it’s not going to stop growing anytime soon?

Download Ecosia and start using their search engine for research, daily questions or really anything you can imagine and every cent will be used to plant trees! They have around 50 million trees planted already and it grows every second!

2. Charity Miles - get in shape and donate every mile to a cause of your choice. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? With Charity Miles every movement tracked whether through walking, running or dancing ends up giving back to an amazing cause. They’ve raised approximately $275,000 for organizations already!

3. Donate a Photo - okay, here’s an app we’ve been waiting for. Donate by taking selfies? Uhh, yes please. Johnson&Johnson has an awesome app that allows you to submit a photo and donate $1 to a cause of your choice. Over 4 million photos submitted to help over 200 organizations! We’re into that!

Oh, we forgot to mention, these apps are all free. You’re welcome!

Happy Month of Love!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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