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Sunday Spotlight: Black History Month

We're coming to you this snowy Sunday morning to honor Black History Month. We wanted to make a special post that showcases Black Leaders across Canada (who are killing it!!) and give our Swoop community some resources to show their support!

Throughout the Black Lives Matter Movement this past year, we realized that we play a part in moving forward the right way by continuing to show our support and use our platform to share positivity and resources.

black history month business woman

Supporting local businesses has been a huge focus throughout this pandemic. Now that we're in February, aka Black History Month, why not shift your focus to supporting Black Owned Local Businesses? Remember that shopping small is not just important now. We need to prioritize local businesses and show our support of culture and community in every way we can.

Refinery29 does it again with a list to rave about! These 28 exceptional Women are who we are looking at for inspiration and motivation this year! Whether you're interested in creative topics or need a new business icon, look no further than this list of Black Canadian Women.

A curated list of beautiful products with the tag line "Join us in celebrating Black culture, stories, and creativity–this month and every day." Uhm, yes please! We'd be lying if we said our Etsy addiction is under control... and now we definitely have no hope because this list is where it's at!

Join us in supporting Black communities, today and every day. For more information on the Black Lives Matter Movement and how you can get involved visit Black Lives Matter.

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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