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Spring Cleaning Your Social Feed

March is here which means better weather, brighter colours and the excitement of being that much closer to summer! We are feeling motivated more than ever today to enjoy this next season in every way possible. Say goodbye to those winter blues and hello to a much needed spring cleaning. Here are our top three ways to spring clean your socials this month!

woman using social media in spring

  1. Logo Refresh time. If you're loving the vibes of spring more than ever this year we recommend freshening up your main identifier! This doesn't mean that you have to go crazy with a complete colour palette switch to your Brand but it does give you an opportunity to try out some fresh new brand marks. We are obsessed with pale tones and minimalistic feels? Can you tell by our Insta feed?

  2. Spring aside, this is something we all should be doing every couple of months. Switch up your Instagram highlights and bio to optimize your profile for the utmost success. A clear identifier, new call to action and even your new favourite emoji are ready to make an appearance this Spring! So get to it!

  3. Last, but definitely not least, it's time to clean up your social feed with some brand new posts and styles. Keep it clean and fresh with your new look, feel and tone. This is also a perfect opportunity to refresh who you're following and make sure your feed speaks to your ideal community. Let's just say we believe in the power of manifesting positivity (and warmer weather) through posts... anyone else?!

We hope you have a wonderful month ahead!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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