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Show Some Love: Small Business Support

Happy Valentine's Day Swoop Subscribers!

How great is it that we get to celebrate Valentine's Day with our wonderful Swoop community?! Everyone's been through a ton over the last year so it is well deserved that we are choosing to show our support to our fellow small businesses.

It may not seem like a lot, but even the smallest acts of support and engagement with small businesses have a massive impact. We wanted to keep things accessible for all with our small business support tactics so we chose to compile this list of FREE actions you can take to support the small business community.

man on laptop running small business

1. Like, Follow and Share! This is probably the easiest, yet most effective, support tactic when it comes to increasing a small businesses online community. Getting in touch with a small business online creates a streamlined effect with your consistent engagement and support building the stats and reputation that will in turn attract a larger following for your favourite new Brand. The cost to you? Absolutely nothing. Not even a lot of your time! If you truly love someones small businesses content, don't be afraid to show and spread the love!

2. Rate Your Experience. Leave a review, a suggestion or something that will showcase how amazing this small business is! You know how much time, effort and dedication goes into creating a successful Brand with a strong business model that people fall for. Show your support by recognizing the hard work that went into making your experience great and shouting your recommendation from the (digital) rooftops!!

3. Word of Mouth. We've outlined some of the easiest ways to show your support online but we cannot forget about the power of the old fashioned practice of word of mouth. If you have a great experience, find a new product that's exciting or just love the look and feel of a small business, tell your friends and get them interested! Sharing your interests just became a huge benefit to your small business around the corner. Focus on local when you can and see how your community can grow with their new found support!

How are you showing love to small businesses this Valentine's Day?

Let us know!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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