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Setting #Goals

Happy Friday!

Weʼre stoked to announce that Swoop turned 6 this week! As a tribute to the success of the past years we wanted to share some of our top practices when it comes to setting #goals! Thank you to all our supporters and wonderful clients.

Cheers to many more wonderful years ahead!

1. Plan, plan, plan! Whatʼs a future if you donʼt have anything to work towards? Make everyday count by making the most of it. We love detailed planners like The Productivity Planner and The High Performance Planner. Not only does it help with planning out your work but it prioritizes what makes you most happy!

2. Image boards. We love sites like Pinterest for goal planning and inspiration. Do you follow us yet? If not, you absolutely should. We post all our grounding imagery to keep our life on track.

3. Networking. Youʼve heard it a million times but itʼs true, the key to success IS networking! We love organizations like Make Lemonade that provide co-working spaces as well as host women empowered events! Check out whatʼs in your area and get on out there.

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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