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Put A Pin In It!

Happy Long Weekend!

We're sure you're like us and a million others when we say we've been glued to our Pinterest feed with the dream of the upcoming mini-vacay from work. Whether it be Vegan BBQ Recipes that are blowing our mind or Patio DIY that's got us cleaning our paint brushes for a creative couple of days, there's no doubt that we are living for the long weekend!

Put a pin in it and check out our favourite Pinterest boards for inspiration of all kinds. An inspired mind is a healthy mind!

1. Self Care is The Heart of Success: our self-care boards go further than a couple inspirational quotes. Put a couple pins on a success plan that starts with motivation and continues on with organizational tips to keep our mind focused and productivity plans to keep our lives on track. There's nothing like a long weekend to refresh and motivate us for the future!

2. Office Space Inspo: wherever you do your business, do it well. We love the idea of a home office even if you have a 9-5! Home offices are no longer for full-time freelancers, they are for the #bosses who need a space to create. Always dreamed of a small Etsy shop? Want to start writing again? Put a pin in some of our favourite designs and get those hustles (part time or full time) in action!

3. #SWOOPScoop: did you know that your weekly favourite blog has its own Pinterest board? Give us a follow to keep up with our weekly updates on business success, tricks of the trade and marketing insights. Now you have the opportunity to let us know what you would like to see! Leave us a comment or connect with us through our Pinterest. (@SwoopMarketing) We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy the weekend!

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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