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Marketing Untouched

What’s the one way to speak to an audience without butterflies in your stomach?

Getting to know your audience!

You may assume that we’re talking about public speaking and we are in a way... just the 2019 version of that! Social Media and Brand Positioning online speaks to a HUGE audience which can span across continents depending on how well you know how to present your Brand. Positioning your Brand online comes with the responsibility of not only getting to know your following but being able to respect current cultural views throughout all methods of your marketing.

Stay in the clear with #SwoopScoop’s journey through marketing untouched!

1. New markets: with laws passing and views changing, new markets are popping up left, right and centre but the marketing world is in the dark when it comes to establishing the new norm in online advertising. Research is key to respecting the potential impact of advertisements pushed by new markets with little regulation. Do your research and keep updated on new advancements within your industry by becoming apart of an industry specific social community online!

2. Inclusion: it’s time to enlighten your Brand! Take time to get to know your markets and potential following by understanding specific traits and values within your audience’s culture. Keeping everyone included throughout showcasing many different holidays and celebrations will build a long lasting, mutually respectful, relationship with your following.

3. Mindfulness: this one is slightly similar to our previous point but so important that we can not pass over it. Mindfulness is how Brands excel throughout social media and connecting with their following. Being mindful of current events keeps you in the loop and on the right track in communicating with your following based on what is happening around the world. Being in the know about current events keeps your connection with your following, wherever they reside, fresh, mindful and fun!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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