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Make Yourself A Priority

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

We are loving 2020 so far and are holding strong on those resolutions to keep hustling towards our goals! As we continue on with those new year positive vibes, we wanted to take time to reflect on a quote said by our Founder, Jennifer Usher.

"There is always enough time in the day for what is important to you. It’s how you ‘choose’ to spend it."

So with that in our heads, we decided to dig a little deeper to share with our readers how exactly we can prioritize our time properly and continue to make ourselves a priority!

1. It's okay to say no. You've heard it a million times before but we must say it again! It is totally okay to say no sometimes. There's no need to push yourself to constantly do things that are draining and hurtful to your mental health. Of course, there are those times where we will have to fight through some bleh days, but there is always the option to say no whenever you need to focus on yourself. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure your "no" is followed up by staying true to yourself and prioritizing what you need to do to be your best You!

2. Your dreams come first. At the beginning of this year we took the time to reflect and see where we've been, but on top of that, where we want to be. Our second tip in making yourself a priority is staying true to your vision and working towards achieving your goals. We don't want to contradict our last point so let us say this, if putting time into your dream is something you enjoy then put all the time you can into it! What may seem like the daily grind at times is building towards your true goal and that is what we call taking care of yourself! Make yourself a priority by putting time into making your dreams a reality, your future (happy) self will thank you!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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