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Make 2021 Your Year of Marketing

See ya later 2020! We're on to better and bigger things!

We hope everyone is enjoying the excitement and possibilities a New Year brings. As we get ready to tackle whatever comes at us this year, we need to make sure we are on point with the latest trends and tips that are destined to send your Brand soaring!

Here are our top Marketing Trends for you to jump into this 2021!

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  1. Work towards your personal presence, not just the promotion of your products and services. A huge tip for jumping to the top of the engagement scale is to get personal with your postings and community on social media. Showing your face via posts or reels (we're a HUGE fan of what reels can do to bump up your social presence) is said to create a stronger, more trustworthy, relationship between you and your social community. Since social media can make us feel very distant from others, when you add some personal touches your distant community becomes a community filled with love and support!

  2. Start selling your products where all the eyes are - social media! Since many of our favourite social apps have turned into full-force marketplaces, it would be crazy not to consider these channels as extremely valuable during a time when we are all glued to our phones. Try out new shop options to see your exposure increase drastically. Not ready to setup a full shop just yet? Play around with different link options that give you multiple spaces to direct your users to with the "link in bio" CTA.

  3. Open yourself up to digital pivots within businesses of all kinds. Since the start of COVID, we have seen an increase in digital usage not only in social forms but also throughout day to day tasks carried out by companies. Zoom and Slack are two huge platforms that have made their way into all of our homes. We have had some time using these platforms over the past year so there is no doubt in our mind that these new communications tactics are here to stay. Many companies are seeing the benefits of cutting out commute time and working virtually with their teams. Do you think the new virtual side to businesses are here to stay post-pandemic?

As always, we are so grateful for our wonderful and extremely supportive community.

Swoop Marketing is here to help your Brand start soaring. Throughout our weekly informative blogs, daily postings and our FREE virtual consultations, Swoop is the agency for all your Marketing needs.

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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