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Jen's Top 6 (...Or Maybe 7)

First off, Thank-You so much for taking a few minutes out of your day for us.

Time is so precious and so for us you choosing to give us 5 minutes is a gift.

You may have seen us sharing over our weekly blog and social channels the last two weeks about HOW EXCITED we are to be celebrating our 6 years in business.

I’m truly grateful to be in a position today to celebrate such a victory – did you know that 50% of business’ actually don’t survive within their first five years of business**?  This is crazy right – but so very real for so many entrepreneurs.

We have absolutely embraced this incredibly journey over these last 6 years.

I can still remember it like yesterday when my husband said to me

"Jen, What do you have to lose?"

I remember thinking

" sanity, failing, worry, new business – like where the hell am I going to fish for clients?! How does this all work..."

It was SCARY AF! Today as I sit and look at where Swoop is, business is doing incredibly well, we have an amazing group of awesome clients (and I’m not just saying this as I know many of you are reading this, ha!),I am being pushed professionally every day, love what I do and feel free. I know I've made the right decision.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a grind each and every day – but it’s my grind.

I wanted to share with you some key things I’ve learned, failed at and continue to educate myself on because for me, sharing in business is how we all learn, succeed and help those 50% of businesses who are beginning to fail, start surviving!

Jen's Top 6

1. Accounting / Finances (my first EPIC FAIL!) – When I decided to go into business I certainly didn’t think OMG I’m so excited to start balancing my books, sending invoices, managing my expenses, watching my P&L...I’m a marketer not a mathematician! BUT – I did go into business to make money! Over time, I did however, come into some really great expert advice through my Accountant and Bookkeeper and during the first year of my business started using QuickBooks Online and over the last year Square. Both of these tools are truly my saving grace.

2. Communication – As a marketer our number one goal is to ensure we haveGREAT communication. However, what I’ve learned is what I think is great or good sometimes isn’t quite enough. The biggest issue in business today is communication and more specifically, poor communication. Misunderstandings and missed opportunities are the consequences of poor communication. For me, it’s about constantly polishing this skill set. Recently I finished reading an amazing book called “Dynamic Communication"by Jill Schiefelbein which focuses on 27 Strategies to Grow, Lead & Manage Your Business you can also buy this on Amazon too - here’s a new nugget – No response to your texts, v/m’s, emails – IS COMMUNICATION! I will let you ponder that…

3. Time – We all get caught at the mercy of time between personal and business. I’m finding when you love what you do this adds to the mix of how easily it is to start pushing 80+ hours a week of pure grind. I know I was doing this…. The beautiful thing about time is there is ALWAYS TIME. You just actually have to make it. When you approach your time in a way of value, it’s amazing actually how much you have in your day, for your work or business and for the people that you choose to spend that time with. When you begin to own your time it’s really quite liberating. I just finished reading this book last month called “It Doesn’t Have to Be Crazy At Work” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of Basecamp. This read focuses on how to run a calm company and I absolutely LOVE it!

4. Growth Mode – As an entrepreneur I literally only have one speed and for those that know me know it’s all or nothing, FAST and BIG. My advice is to always remind yourself why you started, where you want to be and keep track of that target. It’s also okay sometimes to look at growth in different ways. Growing with existing customers vs. feeling the need to always bring in new business. Love and embrace what you have. Another great book I read this month is called “Company of One” by Paul Jarvis who focuses on why staying small is the next big thing for Business. Food for thought, for sure!

5. Self Love & Family – I mix these two together because without each you become very unbalanced and for me personally, these two make me the business woman I am today.

6. Vacation/Me Days – Absolutely a MUST to survive in life and business – you need time to recharge yourself, your brain, your ideas, your sanity – MUST MUST MUST DO!!!

7. I will add a 7th here - Stay current, network, go to conferences, jump on webinars, learn new technology , embrace change and the power of new.

Staying Fresh Will Never Fail You.


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