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Influence Your Audience

It’s no secret that Influencers have truly taken over the social game. Whether it be through #flawless selfies or the perfect #travelgram , Influencers are the shockingly powerful marketing tool that is still an unknown area for some.

Let’s get you Influencing your audience with these top 3 tips on how to choose the new face of your Brand:

1. Do your research. This is your chance to pick a relevant individual that will represent your Brand to thousands of potential customers and clients. Do your research on your Influencer’s interests, habits and tone online to ensure your Brand is being represented by the perfect person. It’s not unusual for Brand’s to review resumés and portfolios before getting into a new Influencer partnership!

2. Don’t be afraid to get personal. Although you are looking for someone to represent your Brand online, you don’t have to cut out the personal touch of getting to know your Influencer. Get on a call or schedule a meet up to get your Influencer fully immersed in your Brand’s culture! The quality of the content you’ll see will skyrocket with someone who is as passionate as you are about your Brand.

3. Give direction and get advice. So you know how to run your Brand, no problem, Influencing though... now this is a little new. Although the Influencer market takes quite a few hits from trolls online, they clearly know what they’re doing which is why you’re reaching out in the first place. Give direction on how you want your Brand to be positioned online but don’t ignore the creative touches and socially relevant tweaks your Influencer will make. Take notice and take note!

Good luck on your #Influencer search!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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