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How You Can Use Paid Advertising to Amplify Your Brand

Swoop Scoop is back to help you get back to business!

We hope everyone is staying safe and well during these times and as we are slowly getting back to normalcy, Brand's are looking for the most budget friendly way to get noticed.

Swoop is here to guide you on amplifying your Brand throughout strategically placed paid ads to get you where you need to be.

Let's Conquer Local Ads

Local Ads through Facebook Ads are super helpful in getting a message out to your community. Have a grand opening or a business that needs some extra traffic? Facebook has many avenues to choose from when it comes to ads but ensuring that your ads are reaching the community around you is proven to produce real, valuable leads. The best part? You can choose your daily budget so you know exactly how much to put aside to save you from breaking the bank! Set your radius, demographic and content towards your desired market and see your business soar!

Engagement is Your Introduction to New Markets

Unlike local ads, an engagement specific ad set doesn't necessarily have the same goal in mind. Although, the dream is to have all leads become valuable and paying customers, there are ads that are designed to break you through to the next level in terms of recognition and reputation. Brand's rely on a good reputation to back them up and customers have the ease of access to all and every review at a click.

Make sure your Brand is getting the love it deserves by opening up your ad targeting to a larger demographic that has even the slightest interest in what you do. From here, you can pull insights and engagement stats to plan out a more targeted approach however, the growth this will cause your Brand is reason enough to invest in wide spread engagement!

We’ve broken down our top two favourite ad goals this month. Still unsure how to tackle paid ads after reading our recommendations? Don't fret! Contact Swoop Marketing today and get your personalized plan for success.

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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