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How You Can Support Black Owned Businesses Today!

Hello Swoop Subscribers and welcome to another week of Swoop Scoop!

We hope you are all staying healthy and well during this time. This week we wanted to talk about supporting black owned businesses because we believe it is extremely important. At Swoop, we believe in opportunity and equality for all which is why we dedicate this week to supporting the communities that need it most.

Here are three simple steps we can all take to supporting each other:

  1. The power of social media. To share something is really something. As a marketing agency, Swoop understands the importance of a reputable and attractive presence online. Although, we always encourage our followers to take action on what they are sharing and "practice what they preach" some of us may not have the funds to do so when it comes to purchasing in order to support black owned businesses. Not to worry! Letting your following know why you love a brand is support in it's own way! Go ahead and spread some awareness.

  2. Opt out of big brand purchases. We all have the time to shop around online these days which is why we are trying to limit our big brand purchases and shop small business. Even for the every day things, small shop e-commerce platforms such as Etsy give us the power to shop for many items from many different entrepreneurs giving us the tools to support black owned businesses.

  3. Rate and review. Similar to spreading awareness of the new brand you love, go one step further to help build legitimate reputation online. Forums such as Google Business and Facebook Business Pages have review spots where you can rave about your latest purchase or service. Know a black owned business that would benefit from your feedback? Go show them some love!

Let us know how you plan on supporting black owned businesses through this time and from now on! We are always working to be better, get educated and promote equal opportunities for all.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Swoop Marketing

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