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Social Media Hacks to Send Your Brand Soaring

It's time to welcome in a new week with Swoop Scoop! If you're a small business owner, influencer, creative or anyone with a smartphone, this week's blog is made for you! We're breaking down our three current essential social media hacks to send your Brand soaring. Think you've got the social game covered? Let us know if you use these hacks!

Social Media Manager

1. The Pinterest Lifesaver. If you are well versed in the social world, you'll know that Pinterest is used as a search engine and is extremely useful in building brand awareness and visibility online. The downside of Pinterest? You may not view this as a main platform for your business and you might not be familiar with the posting platform and SEO features. Not to worry. Instagram has a built in feature that allows you to save your posts to your Pinterests boards in a click. Although, this method isn't full force on the Pinterest Marketing side, it is a fantastic way to continue to promote your Brand's visibility so why not give it a shot!

2. The Eye-Catching Story. Having trouble creating an Instagram story that stops users in their tracks? There are SO many features across the story feature that can seem a little overwhelming so focus on the two most eye-catching elements; the Sticker Feature and the GIF Library.

The Instagram Story Sticker Feature is one that has become increasingly popular across design and SMM (social media manager) accounts as of late. We can't blame them! This is a feature that can completely transform the look of your content. Use the Sticker Feature to bring in the same or a completely different image and stretch it behind your post sticker to create a seamless story aesthetic. This will take a little maneuvering but the end results are so worth it! (Top Tip: Need to pull in your brand colours with the eye-dropper tool? Add an image of your branding into your story and pull the colour with the eye-drop tool to add in branded elements!)

The GIF Library has been around for quite some time but we are not getting bored of the features that are offered through this tool! You can search just about anything and find a GIF for to match. Go a step further and explore the hidden GIF libraries which are categorized with specific keywords or usernames. You can find tons of new libraries throughout Pinterest but if you're looking for a quick beautiful element addition try searching "white word" or "aesthetic" in the GIF library and spice up those stories!

3. Save Trendy Tunes for Later Use. With the soaring success of Reels it's only fair that we dedicate one of our top social tips to the content that's really taken off. Reels are fantastic with grabbing users attention with full bleed videos that showcase personality throughout many features, one of which, happens to be the music feature.

The music feature allows users to search through a library of songs to use within their videos. You can add your own audio, choose from the library or select directly from someone else's video on your feed. Now that we've got the basics out of the way, did you know you can save music for future use? Yes, even those top hits that are hard to find throughout the music library by search!

Next time you're spending hours on the Reels feed, click on a users audio which you think will go great with your new project. Select the save option and there you have it! Next time you're in the editing stage of Reels you'll be able to pick a song from your personally curated library.

Have any top tips that we missed this week? Let us know!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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