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Happy New Year From Swoop!

Happy New Year to all of You!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time each week to share a coffee with us as we try to deliver fresh, useful content to your inbox.

At Swoop Marketing, it’s really important that each week we are providing goodness which brings value to you and your small business in an effort to help you soar. Even more importantly, to make you feel like the time you’re investing in our content is helpful and not just noise to your inbox.

We are really excited to enter 2020 – there are lots of new and exciting opportunities in our funnel that we will be launching out this month (stay tuned)!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some healthy finds to spring-board you into January:

Action Plan for Small Business (A must for LinkedIn Pages)

YouTube legend Casey Neistat reflects on life in his new video. “What Just Happened?” (Important watch as you lead into 2020 “Focus on Right Now”)

We hope these finds lead you into an amazing and successful 2020! Cheers to the New Year!



Chief Marketing Consultant & Founder

Swoop Marketing & Communications Ltd.

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