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Happy Listening!

What if we told you that your dream of success is possible with one simple task? What if we told you that simple task is truly just listening?

In an information packed world we constantly look for new ways to take in everything around us. That’s why Podcasts have made themselves top on our list when planning your path to success. We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 Podcasts with a focus on business and marketing that are currently active and ready to blow your mind! Happy listening!

1. Marketing Over Coffee: let’s skip the lectures and jump into a laid back yet informative alternative. Marketing Over Coffee hosts their sessions over exactly what you think... coffee! Take a minute to sit in on a conversation with the experts and top up your knowledge on all things marketing!

2. Hack To Start: this Podcast focuses on inspiration, especially in the business world. Need that extra push to feel like you really can do it with that new venture idea? If so, then Hack To Start is for you! Whether it be from success stories or sharing of strategies, this Podcast is sure to amp up your motivation.

3. GirlBoss Radio: we can hardly go one post without shouting out this rocking GirlBoss empire so here we are again! GirlBoss Radio offers an informative and motivational listen every week on their Spotify show. If you’re looking to break that glass ceiling or just looking to keep up in business from a Girl Boss’s point of view then tune in this week! Also, the show is free to stream... so what are you waiting for?

What are your thoughts? Ready to take on success one listen at a time?

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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