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Happy Back To School Season Swoop Subscribers!

This week weʼve been in awe of the viral back to school campaign: Clear The List. If you havenʼt heard about it by now, well get ready, because this post is nothing but a rave about how excellent this campaign truly is.

Clear The List is a social media campaign targeted at assisting teachers in clearing their back to school list. Weʼve seen posts go viral, some that definitely shouldnʼt have, but this campaign to help our future leaders have all they need to succeed is right up our social strategy ally.

Itʼs a simple campaign strategy: join Amazon, make your list, #ClearTheList and there you have it. A fully equipped classroom for 2019/2020. Teachers have been claiming the hashtag has helped them clear their list within 24hrs! If thatʼs not a successful campaign, I donʼt know what is!

Everyoneʼs jumping on the #ClearTheList trend just in time for the school year. Celebrities, multiple social channels and television networks canʼt seem to get enough.

So what are you waiting for? Join the groups, follow the hashtags and jump on in to the #ClearTheList movement to get our teachers and future leaders started on the right foot this school year!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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