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Get Trendy: Your Social Design Hacks

It's ... FRI-YAY!

We are wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead! To celebrate a productive and focused week we wanted to dip into our creative design side and share some hacks that are proven to strengthen your chances of getting #trending. A good aesthetic goes a long way!

woman on floor pillow working on social designs through laptop

1. Mood boards, vision boards or whatever you want to call these visually pleasing creations, are your key to understanding your Brand's vibe. You may have seen our recent #MondayMoodboard posts and although they are truly quality content that's not all they are. Our mood boards serve as a style guide in moving forward with social posts. We play with a ton of colours, images with various lighting and subjects of photography to plan out the future of our brand's aesthetic. Give it a shot and see what style you discover!

2. Create a feed of inspirational and positive content. These days, Instagram has evolved to personalize your feed in the best way possible. Some great tools you can use to ensure your feed is to your personal standard:

  1. Follow hashtags, not just accounts. (some suggestions: #designinspiration, #brandingagency, #styleinspo)

  2. Use the save feature to build a board of posts for future reference

  3. Create a DM community to share inspo and get feedback on your posts

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing


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