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Follow Friday With Swoop

Happy Friday!

Welcome to our first, but definitely not the last, Follow Friday With Swoop!

Social Media is an insanely powerful tool in connecting all over the world to inspirational and mind blowing people. We thought that we had to share our favourite accounts across Instagram this week to showcase exactly what Swoop sees online!


Looking for some self-love and motivation to live your truth? If you aren't following Sarah from @TheBirdsPapaya well, we can't wait for you to see what you've been missing out on!

We know how tempting it is to grow that following with stylish and aesthetically pleasing influencers but are we really getting content that's making us feel confident and happy with ourselves? Feel like you can't obtain the perfect image based on your feed? Give yourself a mental break and some light with TheBirdsPapaya. You can thank us later!

We LOVE a good #Girlboss inspiration! As you can probably tell from our weekly SwoopScoop...

RisingWoman is not only for the woman out there but for anyone looking for a little health for the spirit. This account is packed with affirmations and thoughtful posts that will get your brain to breathe for a moment.

It's always important to be in touch with every part of yourself, but further than that, a disconnect with your mind and spirit can lead to a lack of inspiration and we absolutely cannot have that!

Enjoy a mini vacation for your mind and follow today!

This wouldn't be a SwoopScoop without a little push to be your best #Boss self. Check out Business Babes Collective for motivational thoughts, business inspirational and a behind the scenes look at events with every lady who is bound to inspire.

We love to spice up our feed with creative and positive accounts that will truly alter your mindset.

Get in mind-shape with Business Babes Collective and never miss out on a #GirlBoss opportunity!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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