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Create Your Confidence

Happy Monday Swoop Subscribers! We hope you all had a restful weekend and are all charged up for the week ahead. Today we wanted to touch on an insanely important topic - creating your confidence. Now, this looks a little different these days. With Zoom and virtual options taking over traditional communication and presentation methods, we're looking at our boardroom confidence a whole different way.

Here are Swoop's top three tips on creating your confidence daily so that you can soar to your greatest potential!

millennial man on laptop doing a presentation
  1. Prepare Your Material. This is something that is super important even with traditional presentation or meeting methods. The more confident you are with the material you're presenting on, the more confident you will be when speaking and connecting with your audience. Being an expert on your topic will shine through in the passion and excitement you have while speaking!

  2. Understand Your Audience. Although you may be super confident in what you're speaking about, if you're not aware or understanding of who you are speaking to, there is a good chance of a disconnect when presenting. Take some time at the beginning of each meeting for small talk or introductions, depending on your relationship with the group. When people feel a connection to someone they are more likely to be open minded and receptive to what you say.

  3. Take a Deep Breath and Believe in Yourself. You know what you're talking about. You've already secured the meeting so now it is your time to shine. Let your experience and killer personality shine through as you pitch your services, mission statement and outlook. We believe in you and so should you!!

How are you creating confidence with new presentation and meeting methods? Are you finding virtual tactics to be easier on your anxiety or the opposite? Let us know!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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