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Common Instagram Myths

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

Welcome to another weekend full of tips and tricks of the marketing world. Today we want to open up a discussion on the common Instagram myths so that you are prepped to get your Brand on the level it deserves online. Stick with us through our top two tips and start owning your social game!

1. Follower count is the main priority.

We all know that the reputation that comes from gaining a large following is destined to make your brand seem like it’s soaring but do we really know the benefits? Follower count is an awesome start in growing your brand but the true benefits come from engagement. If you’re not too sure what we’re talking about let us break it down for you. Having an audience gives you the platform to speak freely and promote whatever you want, but what if your following has no interest in the content you’re pushing out? Engagement rate shows the statistics of who within your following is actually paying attention. Do your homework and learn how your following reacts to a variety of different content you’ve been pushing. Once you get a good understanding of who’s willing to engage, you’ll see the ROI on social in no time.

2. Hashtags will get you where you need to be.

Social media is an awesome tool in growing your brand however we’ve lost the privilege of a total free playing field of organic growth. New algorithms are released and tweaked daily that push brands to turn to a paid alternative. Paid promotional ads throughout Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are your focus point for valuable and timely growth online. Get yourself an ads specialist or start running your own mini ads to see what works for you! Enjoy the new audiences you’ll be reaching and all that new brand awareness destined to get you to your goal!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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