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Branding To Soar: Your Start-Up Success Guide

Hello entrepreneurs, or those thinking of taking the jump, this is for you!

We hope you are all staying healthy and well! We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and are so excited for what that means for small businesses. So, how can we help you soar?

You can connect with us and get your one-on-one virtual marketing consult for FREE or follow these simple checklist items to get your brand started. Need a little help along the way? Swoop Marketing is here to help at any stage.

Ready to get started? Follow these 4 steps to put you on the flight path to success!

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Branding To Soar: Your Start-Up Success Guide

1. Brand Exploration & Identity

The first step in the development of your business is to have a clear understanding of why you're starting and what you want to accomplish. Many organizations love to play around with brand names that speak to their vision. Here at Swoop, we know it's important to Swoop our clients away with the best of marketing today. As we continue to work with our clients and build out their brand, the success soar is exactly what we showcase.

Seem like a daunting task? You might have the idea and the vision all mapped out but feel like you need a little help creating a noticeably attractive brand image. We've got you covered.

2. Target Your Audience

Now your initial brand ideation is set in stone and you have a concept that you truly love! What now? It's time to get yourself seen by the right people. You have your desired target markets outlined but need to find a way to directly reach them. Both traditional and digital marketing efforts can help you tackle this task. Sit down and explore your options in targeting. A great tool to find who may be interested in a brand idea like yours are some of the top digital options such as Facebook Audience that give you a look into how the pros are doing it.

Need assistance in finding the right audience who will in return generate valuable leads for your new business? We've got the tools to get you there.

3. Set The Tone

Your brand is developed, you have your audience in mind and you are ready to hit the market. What to say now? As you build out your brand there will be a prominent tone to your actions. Whether you're using dark and moody tones in your graphics or are creating eye catching infographics to educate your following, you need to make sure your copy matches the end goal.

Figure out your brand's tone by exploring language and communication keys to create a continuous interactive following. Feeling stuck with reaching out? We can take your tone and push your message far and wide. Sound like a plan?

4. Start Soaring

You've conquered the first major 3 steps in developing your brand and you're ready to hit the market with a bang! Whether you're just starting out and want to test the waters or need results NOW, Swoop can guide you through each stage. Let us help you soar.

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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