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Become Your Best Self This New Year

Swoop Subscribers, this is YOUR Year! As we approach 2020 we wanted to share our top two books to becoming your best self this New Year. We believe in continuing to better yourself starting with continuous education of the world around us and most importantly, continuous education of ourselves. Get in touch with your New Year goals throughout an afternoon with a good book before things ramp back up with work and let us know your thoughts!

We love a good mindful moment which is why we're putting books such as Unplug at the top of our list for 2020. In order to start becoming your best self in the New Year we recommend taking time to unplug and get in touch. There's nothing better than curling up with a book and getting away for a while, especially when it comes to bettering your mental health. You're never too busy for a best self moment so pick up Unplug and get started on your soul seeking journey today!

This may not be a new hit-list item but we truly cannot get enough of the Queen of Organization! Marie Kondo takes us on our organizational journey by identifying things that don't bring us joy anymore, as well as some things we may not need to change, and focuses on the essentials. The main goal here is to live a life that is sparked by joy! Jump into this book with an open mind and willingness to accept change. See how these positive guided lessons start reflecting you as your best self. No more clutter and no more negativity this New Year! Who's with us?!

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and positive 2020!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing

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