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An Organized Dream World Is Not That Far Away

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

We're here this week to give you the Swoop Scoop on how to properly manage your team! Here at Swoop, we think that it's super important to put an emphasis on organization and communication in order to make business a breeze. Sound like a dream world far away? Nope! We're here just like you, however, we may have a couple tricks up our sleeves...

How do you stay organized so that your team stays motivated? Let us know in the comments!

1. Our first organizational trick is to schedule just about EVERYTHING. You know how easily tasks can go back and forth between team members and somehow everything gets lost in translation. Stop feeling lost and start feeling motivated with This app has just about everything you need to get on the same page as your team. You'll be able to get a head start on upcoming projects and find a way to get yourself back in the game with a clear head.

2. is truly the MVP for all social and digital managers out there. Find yourself spending way too much time posting everyday? Schedule yourself a couple days prior to your posting month and get in check. Later lets you schedule exact times, hashtags and captions for each of your social accounts on Instagram and Facebook so that you can stop scheduling your day around peak hours. Get the most from your posts and relax while you're at it!

3. Stay in touch with your team as much as possible but don't freak about meeting spots, everyone's schedule and travel time. Our favourite digital meetup has to be Zoom. Schedule meetings with your team all over the world on a video call, phone call, or screen share! Never fret about missing a meeting again with their automated scheduler. See your productivity skyrocket while your team chats about the upcoming week over coffee.

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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