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A Case for the Comment Bots

Picture this. You log on to Instagram on a lovely, sunny day, sipping a tea and wanting to check out what’s going on in the world (also admittedly checking to see how many likes that post got last night...obviously) and then you see it. That little red notification. The text bubble that gets your heart going and your finger sliding quickly to your notification list. And there it is: “Nice!!” “Love it!!” “Cool Feed”

Here we have the classic case of a comment bot. How do you tell what these comment bots are without having a degree in marketing or even a clue as to what is going on half the time on your feed? SWOOP’s got you covered. Comment Bots are exactly what they sound like, robots. In the growing world of social media and the constant desire to attract attention and retain engagements, many users (and brands) are switching over to automatic media to increase their following. Although, it may seem confusing to differentiate between a real life person/account and these Bots we have 3 rules to guide you throughout your social media journey. Enjoy! 1. Generic comments or emojis such as “Nice!!” And "Great!!" These are primarily used as a preset text that the user sets where a bot will comment on posts fitting their desired demographic (hashtag, location etc.). Verdict: COMMENT BOT 2. A comment that has nothing to do with your post! Yes this may seem confusing at first but take a closer look into the account and activity - is this person a confused fan or a Comment Bot? Sadly this looks like a case for the Bot. 3. Even if the above are occurring on your account this definitely does not mean that it’s time that you lose hope or that your following isn’t interested in what you’re posting. This is an opportunity to steal the spotlight from the Comment Bot and re-engage with your following. We know no relationship is a one way street, so throw them a comment back! Even a “Thanks for commenting!” Will get you noticed on their account a couple days later and they’ll be coming back for more... even if they’re just checking if you’re a Bot.

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