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3 Ways To Supercharge Your Instagram Stories

A quick fix is sometimes all we can handle on social media which makes Instagram stories a Brand’s favourite fast marketing tool. We’ve outlined three ways to supercharge your Instagram stories so you can kill the Insta game, one fast marketing tool at a time.

1. Tag it right! Whether you’re focusing on a specific area or interest, the multiple tagging options within Instagram stories has you covered. Geotagging, mentions and hashtags can be used to get your Brand to the right audience. You can also get added to a public story with your tag that exposed your Brand to a bunch of new potential followers.

2. Resize and don’t lose quality. Instagram stories are quick hits so make sure that your post is eye catching and easy to read! Many applications have tools that are here to help you resize your images to the perfect dimensions, some even have Instagram story templates for you to get creative, all while maintaining the quality of your content.

3. Give it a shot!Have some fun! Since Stories are 24hr Easter eggs of what your Brand stands for, it wouldn’t feel right to not have some fun! Add in a GIF letting your followers know about your new post or announcement and if you feel like throwing in some sparkle, go for it!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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