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Your Small Business Support System

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

We wanted to end this week with a little girl boss magic and send thanks to all of our supporters along the way. We all start off small, it’s about who’s around us and contributes to our dreams that take us to greater places. We wouldn’t be here without our awesome support system so we wanted to share some helpful tips on how to support small businesses to take them to where they deserve to be!

Check out our top 3 tips and give them a shot!

1. Engage: Whether it’s a like or a share a small engagement can send a small business soaring into new markets that you are affiliated with. Enjoy a brand or fellow entrepreneurs content? Make sure your following knows it and hit that share button!

2. Reach out: Sometimes social media can get in the way of that special personal touch. Reach out to your small business faves and tell them how you appreciate their tactics! As hustlers ourselves, we can appreciate that effort goes a long way and can be that little push of motivation that gets us through doubtful times. Go on and share some positivity!

3. Be apart of the creative process: an important step in anyone’s business development process is the opinions and criticisms that come with focus groups. Although tough to hear at times, a group full of people looking at your work is sometimes exactly what we need to get some clear vision on a project. There are many events across cities that take place as voluntary entrepreneur focused groups. Get inspired and make connections with some fellow hustlers and see the benefits it has on your business and businesses around you!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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