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Where To Find Inspiration

Ready to get inspired? Swoop Scoop is here for another week to do all we can to go with you on your marketing journey. Wherever it may take you! We’ve listed our top 3 ways to get inspired this month!

1. Followed Hashtags: whether you’re keeping tabs on the #friuitgram or like your daily dose of Parisian fashion (#parislife) following hashtags is the perfect way to break up your feed and bring in some inspiration from new accounts. Who knows what you may find!

2. Pinterest: ever heard the saying: “a board can say a million words” no? Well then maybe you’ve never seen some of our pins! Pinterest does a great way of integrating new content into your eyesight. Use the Discover More feature for each of your boards to see what people are talking about now! Stay in the loop and more importantly, stay inspired!

3. Festivals: summer brings beautiful weather and endless festivals! Ready for festival season? We are! If fashion, music and nature doesn’t inspire you then we don’t know what will! Of course we recommend going to view the summer arts for yourself but if you can’t make it there’s no shame in living through some Osheaga insta pics.

So go on! Get inspired!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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