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This Is Not An Ad... But Weʼre Definitely Going To Talk About Some

Was that click-bait enough for everyone? If youʼre here, we did our job. Now letʼs talk about paid promotional ads!

Nowadays, a Facebook Ad goes further than a billboard on Hollywood Boulevard. So what are you waiting for? Get on the paid ad train and enjoy the benefits of ads that get to where you actually want them to go! Here are our top 3 benefits of using paid promotional ads to enhance your brand:

1. Geotagging: Seriously, anything these days can be spiced up with a simple geotag. Thatʼs not even an exaggeration. Whatʼs a better way to target a market than to jump right into the centre of it? Geotagging, and more specifically, paid promotional ad geotagging, is a direct indication of the exact area in which your ad will be performing. Here we can circle in on specific locations with a large radius to attract new markets who are interested in the same things. This leads us to our second benefit...

2. Traits & Interests: Whether it be a hobby, a profession or a group that you are apart of, if you have an interest weʼll find it. Exploring Facebook and analyzing different communities within the social phenomenon will widen the range of keywords used and this will open up your ad to useful, interested new markets. Big pro here!

3. Simple Wins: For our last benefit we look at the pros of using intriguing imagery and limiting text used. An awesome part of using Facebook Ads and a lot of different scheduling apps is the feedback given about your ad. Getting a first response from people who go through tons of ads every day can be tough but ultimately necessary. Think of this as the first response to your release and take in all the feedback you can get!

Hopefully these help you all on your next ad run!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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