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The Power Of A New Space

Don’t you love the feeling of being motivated, refreshed and empowered to take on the world? We do too! Which is why our latest stop by at Make Lemonade in downtown Toronto put us right back on track and ready to make the most of May!

As you know, we love sharing our secrets on better business practices and this week is no exception. Check out these awesome spaces to take an out of office day and get your gears going!

1. Make Lemonade - we had to do a full shout out to this awesome organization after our last meeting and the way it got us excited for the future! We love the boss babe attitude here, energizing atmosphere and the free lemonade... We’re sure you’ll love it too! Actually, we know it for a fact!

2. Business Babes Collective - with frequent events in the city, this organization is an awesome stop for networking and finding a new perspective on a long list of topics. These girl bosses know how to kill it with their social game, on and offline. Hit that follow button!

3. WeWork - located in several areas in the downtown core, WeWork gives you an opportunity to explore multiple facets of different business structures. From business owned rooms to pop in desks, WeWork hosts a great deal of different industries including a ton of startups. Give it a shot and see what you discover!

Until next week,

Swoop Marketing & Communications

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