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Our Top Two Podcasts For Personal Growth

Happy Friday Swoop Subscribers!

We hope everyone is enjoying the last day of a very productive week just as we are! Today we wanted to make sure that you have some company on your ride home to the weekend with some awesome Podcasts For Personal Growth! Get cozy, throw in those pods and get to learning!

1. Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast. If you've had a long week and the thought of listening to someone talk for another hour seems more agonizing than beneficial opt for a podcast to get you understanding and improving your mental health. Owning It is a podcast created from real stories from real, successful people. They touch on the sensitive subject of anxiety and have you comfortable with the idea after only 5 minutes of listening. From embarrassing moments, to how real people learned to cope, Owning It is exactly what you need to decompress after your long week.

2. The Science Of Social Media. Personal growth is about discovering yourself and figuring out how to show that to everyone else. Although at times social media can seem daunting and overall harmful to our mental health, we have to remember the great things and ways to cope when it’s not so good. Understanding the science behind social media will give you an insight on things we may not understand and through getting a better understanding of the system, we can learn to not be so hard on ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend and we'll catch up soon,

Swoop Marketing

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